Prairie West Design

In 2019, we relocated back to Colorado after a 33 year skill building journey throughout the western US. Most recently, we had a development lab in Silicon Valley where we were part of and supported multiple start-ups in the land of start-ups. With experience in consumer products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, graphic arts, and jewelry, ranging in scope from engineering design and development to mass manufacturing, we are back at elevation to support entrepreneurs and manufacturers from the Front Range and beyond.

Just as the new facility was set up, the pandemic struck. Wanting to do something to help, we saw a need and set up an in-house manufacturing process blanking aluminum nose strips for face masks. We are continuing to manufacture nose strips. Anyone interested in purchasing conformable nose strips for face masks are welcome to contact us.

The creative process is a joy. We love having our own maker space with the capability to design and fabricate. Design always is better when it is done with intimate knowledge of the manufacturing process used. We feel that our in-house fabrication capability, from CNC machining to mold making and plastic injection molding, gives our designs an advantage over work from other studios where the connection to the manufacturing process is more tenuous.

We are and like being eclectic. Product design is part science, part art. Our support services range from design itself, to prototyping and testing, from securing IP to manufacturing scale up support. We design and build custom machinery. In addition to design, if you have a need for small to medium quantity custom part manufacturing, we are happy to provide a quote.

The Team at Prairie West Design.